Thursday, September 21, 2006

Phedophil Little Sex Girls

It was "girls night out" and she really needed to get out with her friends and let off some steam. Work was driving her nuts and she hadn't just cut loose and relaxed in months. She dressed pretty casual, but still sexy. She had on her red low cut top that really showed off her great 36c tits. Her long blond hair was pulled up into a high ponytail and her lipstick matched her shirt. Although she as just wearing jeans, they were tight and her ass really filled them out. She put on her wedding ring, diamond earrings that matched, along with a matching diamond solitaire necklace. She wasn't dressed to thrill, but she couldn't help but look hot. When her friends got to her house, she kissed her husband goodnight and said she'd be back when the bar closed. He walked out to the car and they waved to each other as the car drove off.

Stacey wanted to rush in, tear the fake penis out of her and replace it with his real one, but he wasn't sure that was a good idea. Samantha might not want him to do that, and could scream rape, so he continued to observe while he fought a desperate battle to keep silent.

Her wicked smiled returned and she said “That’s right Baby. I was only going to make you do it for today. But since you’ve already displeased me by trying to push your dick into me, without my invitation or permission, your punishment is that you’ll mind me, completely, until Sunday morning. In fact – let me be more specific. You’ll mind me until a-f-t-e-r Jerome has fucked me Sunday morning. Is that understood?”

I kissed all my kids and told them how much I loved them, and would like to see them before they went home. They said they were going to have breakfast with their father in the morning, that I was welcome to join them but said, "Please mom don't bring your boyfriend."

"Um, Corinne," she said. "I don't know what to say."

“I think I need to check on Sarah to see if she’ll go.” He turned and moved away.

I knew that at the time I found it that I was never meant to see that particular Diary she had been writing! Connie (my wife of 7 years, and the mother of my two sons) had always written in a diary, ever since she was able to write. She has a collection that spans several feet of shelves in our closet. She had gone home to be with a favorite aunt seven months ago, and while she was away, I had decided to do a few repairs around the house. She was going to be gone for ten days, and I had made arrangements for some time off to look after the boys.

"Andrew!" Rachel screamed at him with a look of horror." I do not care if Audrey IS your sister. She also happens to be James' Mother! Please show him some respect!"

Gretta has been trying to develop her social life and for a while I listened as she talked about some of the guys at work and flirtation that had been going on with a particular guy. I in turn talked about some of the things Sandy and I have been doing. For a while the talk was of a general nature but Gretta started asking specific questions about us and I found myself describing my encounter with Susan.

When her orgasm began to wane, Marlene realized the young man's hands were no longer on her hips, although his lips and tongue were continuing to tantalize her, still sending waves of delight coursing through her.

“This red team. We copy you. What’s up, Gold leader? Over,” the walkie talkie buzzed in Richie’s hand. The voice on the line was that of Bridget Briswell, Brenda’s sister. She was also on a date, but with a beefy security guard who got a huge kick out of all the snooping around and thought the stealthy surveillance they were doing was the coolest thing ever. Richie turned to Brenda.

They both laughed again as Jenny pulled a chair over and went straight to Brian's cock.

“In my room, cunt,” he replied. He turned to see her enter the room, totally naked already as required. Damn, she was turning out pretty good. “Look at you, baby. What a good girl you are. Lay on my bed and spread your legs.”

Today, I was one of the unlucky suckers that made it to school. I was not going to the prom, for I did not make many friends at this school. I'm not a really social person, and that, I guess, kept me from being someone.

Only with him (and occasionally his guests) do I reveal my lustful man passion. I have been seeing Rick for almost 10 years. He is my forbidden lover. When I first met him I was so horny I did not care that he was 15 years older than me. When we first fucked I would not kiss him. I just wanted his dick in my ass. Through the years I surrendered to passion and explored my most deep and hidden desires as he explored me. Now we make love...and then fuck like animals!

"Can you put a little cream in mine? Thank you," he answers in his smooth, rich voice.

"Hey doesn't worry me, we'll all know that two balls are ours and the rest are maybe someone else's. Then again, I'm the only one that has to get used to having two balls of their own, so I will go first." She took the container from Oscar and tipped it up so that she could retrieve two of the small numbered balls. She looked at them to see which numbers she had. 4 and 6. Then she passed the container back to Oscar who selected the numbers 15 and 3.

At that moment I realised I had seen her before and I asked if she and her husband had just moved in to a house two or three houses away from my own. it transpired that they had. We spent a little time discussing living over here then I asked her if she would join me for a coffee. She demurred suggesting that although the supermarket did a very good job with its coffee she thought she did better and invited me to take coffee at her house, if I was planning to return home. I was and I did, following her in my car.

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